I was looking for something fast to cook for a weekday dinner, and I came across this Swordfish Piccata recipe by John Besh, chef and owner of August in NOLA. I’ve seen John Besh on Top Chef before, but I’ve not tried any of his recipe before, and since it is Mardi Gras week, it seemed fitting to make something from a NOLA chef.

The swordfish is first seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, then wrapped in super thin slices of Proscuitto. The Proscuitto helps keep the fish moist, and I used two slices per swordfish steak.

The swordfish steak is lightly dusted in flour, which will help the batter stick in the next step. The steak is first dipped in a mixture of egg and milk, letting the extra liquids drip off, then the steak is placed in a mixture of flour and parmesan cheese, pressing on the steak to make sure the cheese adheres.

The fish steaks are placed in a hot pan and seared for 3 minutes until the underside is lightly browned.

Then the pan is put into the oven for 5 minutes for the fish to finish cooking. To finish up the Piccata, sliced almonds are sauteed in butter on medium heat until the almonds and the butter brown a bit.

Then the sauce is taken off the heat and lemon juice, capers, and parsley are tossed into the pan.

The sauce is then spooned over the finished fish steaks.

To go with the fish, the recipe recommended sauteed kale and polenta. I found a kale recipe by Richard Blais and a simple polenta recipe.

To make the Kale, some onions are browned in a pan with some sliced garlic.

Then the Kale is added to the pan with grounded caraway seeds, and cooked until soft. Finally some pickling juice for hot peppers is added to the pan. The recipe tells you how to make your own, but I just used some pickling juices from a Momofuku bird chili pickle recipe, which worked out really well.

I paired dinner with some white Cote Du Rhone, and it was actually quite fancy for a week night dinner.

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