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After hiking for 5 hours up hill with 40lbs of equipment, we arrive at our first campsite close to Sperry Chalet. The chalet was built in 1912 by the Great Northern Railway, and is one of two backcountry chalets remaining in Glacier National Park. Hikers and visitors can actually stay there overnight if they’d like, but we decided to camp at the Sperry camp ground.

The camp ground is about 1/2 miles away from the chalet, and 3.5 miles away from Sperry Glacier. Each camp ground is composed of 3 or 4 clearly marked campsites, a designated food preparation and hanging area, a pit toilet, and special to this camp ground, a large pond that you can swim in if you’d like.


Our campsite was near a rock path that lead the face of a cliff. Mark got to setting up our tent. Read the rest of this entry »


Mark and I took a few days off to go backcountry camping at Glacier National Park in Kalispell, Montana. I’ve camped before in college in near by small parks, but never to the extent that Mark was used to. We were going to hike into the mountains with food and supplies to spend 4 days and 3 nights in the wild with the bears and deers and whatever else!! Read the rest of this entry »