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In my second try at a Momofuku Milk Bar Cake recipe, I made the Milk Bar Carrot Cake. I’m not usually big fan of carrot cakes, but this one involves some really interesting flavor combinations. Who has ever thought of making frosting out of Graham crackers? and what is a liquid cheesecake? all these questions were answered with my completion of this recipe. Read the rest of this entry »


I bought Christina Tosi’s recipe book for Momofuku Milk Bar a few weeks ago, and got it in the mail last week. Milk bar is the sweets branch of David Chang’s growing Momofuku empire. A few years ago when I went to NYC to visit a friend, we went to Milk Bar and got their compost cookie, which is a cookie that has everything but the kitchen sink in it : coffee grounds, potato chips, pretzels… It sounded like the most unlikely combination for a cookie, but was it tasty!  Read the rest of this entry »