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To finish off the thanksgiving for two meal, I made a light and pretty maple mousse pie topped with candied fresh cranberries. It was the perfect end to a great and not too heavy meal. Read the rest of this entry »


Our friends Adri and Tedd invited us to their new house for dinner, and to make it easy on the chef, I made dessert. In one of the recent Food and Wine magazines, I saw an amazing cake that had 7 layers with chocolate buttercream filling, and a beautiful caramelized meringue frosting. Every time I see some crazy dessert, I always get an itch to make it. This time I can dedicate my full attention to it, instead if having a whole dinner to cook like I usually do.

The Dobos torte is a famous Hungarian dessert which originated as a 5 layer cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, and thin caramel layer between each layer. This is one of those “Wow!” desserts that taste amazing as well. the cake is time consuming, but it can be made ahead of time and definitely worth the effort. Read the rest of this entry »