Spaten Optimator is not a beer I would drink normally.  It’s very dark and heavy with undertones of bread, malt, and brown sugar.  Although I myself prefer lighter beer, I love this combination of the Optimator and the Byggybeef Sandwich.

Dewey Dufresne is the father of NYC chef Wylie Dufresne, who was probably one of the first people to really make “Molecular Gastronomy” popular. Dewey has plans to open a sandwich shop called BYGGZ in 2012 in NYC, and one of the featured sandwiches is the Byggybeef. A few weeks before the beer tasting, I came across a article deconstructing the Byggybeef. Since I was looking for a braised short rib recipe for the beer tasting, I thought that this would be an excellent choice for the pairing. Now the article only describes the ingredients that goes into the Byggybeef, without giving out recipes to each of the ingredients. So I guesstimate and made my own versions of what I think goes into each component of the sandwich.  Read the rest of this entry »