After returning from photographing our friends wedding in Waco, we wanted to do nothing except stay in and relax. My boyfriend wanted something comforting for dinner so I made grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. Of course I couldn’t just make a simple grilled cheese and soup, I wanted to make something more gourmet and interesting. I found a recipe for smoked tomato soup and an open faced grilled gruyere, tomato and Proscuitto sandwich.

The tomato soup is composed of slightly smoked and non smoked tomatoes. I used Roma tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes in the soup, smoking only the heirloom tomato. The smokiness of the soup should be delicate and not overwhelming, which is why only a small quantity of the total tomatoes used is smoked.


To smoke to tomatoes, I set a single burner outside on my porch, and set a wok with a few pieces of wood chips in it.


I then put a rack in the wok on top of the wood chips.


Next I closed the wok with a lid and turned the heat to medium high.


When the wok begins to emit smoke, I placed the sliced tomatoes on top of the rack and closed the lid for 3 to 5 minutes.


The tomatoes are removed and cooled, then peeled and set aside. Next, sliced leeks and finly chopped onions are sweated in a pan until soft.


Then bay leaves, coriander seeds, garlic, and grated horseradish are added to the leeks and onions and cooked for about 2 minutes.


Chopped tomatoes, chicken stock and sugar are added to the pan and the tomatoes cooked until soft.


The soup is transferred to a blender with the smoked tomatoes and butter.


The soup is processed until smooth and then poured into a sauce pan and seasoned to taste with salt and pepper, and kept warm until the sandwiches are ready to be served.

To make the sandwich, thick slices of bread is oiled and toasted. Then a garlic clove is rubbed all over the toast. Two tablespoons of white wine is brushed over the toast and a little bit of raspberry jam spread on the toast.


Then slices of Proscuitto, tomatoes, and gruyere and cheddar cheese are topped on the toast.


The toast is returned to the oven or toaster with the broiler on, and toasted until the cheese is melted.


Cayenne pepper and fresh ground black pepper are sprinkled on top of the cheese.


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