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I love having friends over for dinner, but it’s hard to get everyone together on the same schedule as what is convenient for us. Sometimes friends can only come over during the week as our weekends can be incredibly busy, so I’m always on the lookout for fast and delicious recipes I can treat my friends to. Read the rest of this entry »


The fresh spinach pasta sheets are a very adaptable ingredient. I went online to search for recipes that I can use on pasta sheets, and one recipe that really jumped out is a ravioli made with cauliflower and crab. Raviolis are usually sealed, however these Raviolis are just layered with a sauce made from cream, cauliflower and crab meat. It’s a beautiful dish, and pretty easy to make, especially if you have the pasta sheets made already. Read the rest of this entry »


After hiking for 5 hours up hill with 40lbs of equipment, we arrive at our first campsite close to Sperry Chalet. The chalet was built in 1912 by the Great Northern Railway, and is one of two backcountry chalets remaining in Glacier National Park. Hikers and visitors can actually stay there overnight if they’d like, but we decided to camp at the Sperry camp ground.

The camp ground is about 1/2 miles away from the chalet, and 3.5 miles away from Sperry Glacier. Each camp ground is composed of 3 or 4 clearly marked campsites, a designated food preparation and hanging area, a pit toilet, and special to this camp ground, a large pond that you can swim in if you’d like.


Our campsite was near a rock path that lead the face of a cliff. Mark got to setting up our tent. Read the rest of this entry »


Squid, tomatoes, capers, pine nuts, lemon zest…. And raisins? A list on seemingly random ingredients at first, but brought together, they make one fresh and vibrant summer pasta salad. I made this dish for a quick and easy weekday dinner.

First, clean the squid tubes and tentacles. Read the rest of this entry »


Lobsters are such an amazing ingredient. You can boil it, cut it up and put the pieces of meat in a salad or pasta, boil the shell down to extract favors for seafood broth and sauces, and you can grill them.
In fact one of my favorite things to do is to grill lobsters, and if I can’t grill them due to the weather, I would roast them in an oven.

Grilling lobsters isn’t as complicated as it would seem. Read the rest of this entry »


Smoked roasted almonds are one of the most versatile ingredients that I use. They are great on salads or alone by themselves, however, with very little work, they can actually be used as a healthy spice and flavor enhancer that can bring complexity to simple dishes. Read the rest of this entry »

When grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I saw that they had some great whole Spanish Mackerels for $6.99 a LB. A lot of recipes from Ferran Adria’s family style cookbook uses whole fish and specially Spanish Mackerel, and I had wondered when I would be able to get some so I can try his recipes. I thought whole fishes would be expensive, but one fish turned out to be exactly one pound, and my whole meal for 2 was less than $10! Imagine a Ferran Adria dish for 2 for $10…. Read the rest of this entry »

Paella is a dish that is easy to love. Seafood, meat, vegetables all cooked together in rice, which soaks up and melds all the flavors of the different ingredients. Paella is best eaten when shared with a group of people. It is not unlike hunting for treasures, I’m always looking for that one last piece of meat or clam that had evaded others. Read the rest of this entry »

I was on a roll with cooking food en Papillote, or “in parchment” style, that I did two dishes in one evening for dinner. Previously I had made a Tomato Basil Sauce with Polenta, and while I was researching that recipe, I also found a recipe for Halibut cooked en Papillote with summer vegetables and tomatoes. Read the rest of this entry »


To go with my vegetarian pasta, I made mussels cooked and steamed in a Pernod and fennel based broth. Pernod is an anise base Liquor, and after the production of absinthe was banned, the parent company of Pernod Ricard started making Pernod instead. Fennel is actually one of other herbs used to flavor Absinthe, along with anise, and its scent and flavor is very similar to that of anise. Read the rest of this entry »