WordPress tells me that it has been 727 days since my last post. So much has changed in 727 days: I started a new job, traveled a bunch, and had a baby. Although I stopped blogging about food during these 727 days, I continue to eat, cook, and obsess about food. 

Originally the purpose of my blog was about my experiences and learnings cooking different recipes ( none which are original). While this was fulfilling for a time, I got lazy with the upkeep of the blog as life got busier. 

Since becoming a mother, I’ve found myself obsessing over my son’s eating habits: how much should he be eating, what should he be eating, why isn’t he eating. My son is a healthy and happy 10-month-old, but eating has definitely been a challenge due to recent bouts of thrush and random baby illnesses ( cold, ear infection,etc). Only recently have we had any success with starting solid food. 

Since food and cooking is something I enjoy immensely, I aspired to influence my son as much as possible on the art and joy of dining. I had all these ambitions to make gourmet baby foods for my son when he starts on solids, but so far I’ve been remiss. As both my husband and I work full time with no family in town, it has been a challenge to find time to cook just for the two of us let alone being able to eat together as a family. I caved and bought some of those jarred and prepackaged baby foods, but after tasting them, I knew I was not going to feed my son something I wouldn’t eat my self. 

So on the eve of 2016, I’m making a New Years resolution to start cooking adult and baby friendly dinners. This would require a lot of planning ahead, scheduling, and diligence to stick to it. While I know it will be challenging, I am looking forward to sharing one of my most loved interests with my son.