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I’m always suspicious of Americanized Asian food. For the most part they are deep fried, over seasoned approximations of Asian food at best, and tasteless mush of unrecognizable ingredients at worst. Of course Americanized Asian food has its benefits: Orange Chicken from Panda Express is my husband’s go-to hangover food.

I found this Thai chicken recipe from Andrew Zimmern, known for Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods shows and immediately wondered if this was an Americanized knockoff recipe. First of all the name of the dish is suspicious: “Sweet and Sour Bangkok Style Chicken”. Sounds like a dish from your local hole in the wall Chinese/Thai delivery place. Looking at the grocery list, it includes Ketchup as one of the main ingredient for the sauce, another red flag. I did some research online and found a photo of a dish titled “Bangkok Chicken” which looked most like the Zimmern recipe from the Thai restaurant Bangkok Crossing in Detroit Michigan. Through further research on Yelp on Bangkok Crossing, I found that it was indeed a dish that ‘tasted like sweet and sour Chicken”.

Now Zimmern claims that he had this dish in Thailand, and got the recipe directly from the street vendor. Perhaps he fell off the wagon and ended up at Bangkok Crossing in Detroit during a particularly good bender. Either way I was intrigued to test this dish out… worst case I learn a hangover recipe for times when Mark and I are too tired to get take out from Panda Express.

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