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I love having friends over for dinner, but it’s hard to get everyone together on the same schedule as what is convenient for us. Sometimes friends can only come over during the week as our weekends can be incredibly busy, so I’m always on the lookout for fast and delicious recipes I can treat my friends to. Read the rest of this entry »


Most of the time when I cook, I like sticking to the recipe. It’s only recently that I’ve been feeling more comfortable playing around with an established recipe to fit to my own taste. Growing up in China, one of the things I LOVED was grilled lamb skewers from street vendors. Thinly cuts of undesirable pieces of lamb is threaded on long metal skewers, dusted with a fiery hot chili pepper and curry powder, most likely to hide the taste of old/ half spoiled meat, and grilled on a long hibachi style grill over hot coals… I always had a hard time convincing my mom to buy me some since she always thought they were unsanitary but boy did I love those skewers. Food is always better with a bit of excitement, and in this case it’s the thrill of the possibility of upset stomach, kind of like Russian roulette but with spoiled lamb meat. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s been a hectic month with work ramping up, planning my wedding, and furnishing our newly bought house. I’ve been cooking on a regular basis, but just have not had the time to update my blog.

On top of everything, I decided to help my friend Adri, who got married last weekend, with her wedding cake. To say I helped her with no hidden motive is not true, as I wanted to do a practice cake for my wedding. Although our cakes will be very different in flavor, I think I benefitted a lot from this experience in terms of learning about time management, material readiness, and having more confidence to build my own wedding cake. I also am very thankful to have a friend who trusted me enough to let me handle a big part of her day!

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