Second full day of camping at Glacier was almost harder than the first. Our bodies were tired and sore from the first day, and the hike for the second day was actually a couple miles longer than the first, although not so much up hill. Also the landscape was different so we were under the sun more and was a lot more dehydrated. 

Our surroundings where more woodsy than rocky.


Our campsite was right next to Snyder Lake, a small lake nestled deep in the woods approximately 5000 feet above elevation. We arrived near sunset, and the lake had a mirror like quality to it.


Like the previous camp ground, there were three camp sites, with a pit toilet and a place to hang your food and toiletries in case the bears or other critters come around. Our new food preparation area was really nice, with a table, benches, and stool made from cut wood.


Mark started setting up the tent our new camp site.


Meanwhile I started preparing dinner, which is a risotto dish with chorizo and dried Shitake mushrooms. Instead of arborio rice, which is traditionally used for risottos, I used orzo, which are rice shaped pasta.the original recipe asked for country ham, but I found chorizo a pretty good substitution. I brought a little bag of grated Kraft parmesan cheese. I usually do not use low quality canned Parmesan cheese , but they are very useful for camping since they don’t require refrigeration.


The risotto does require a lot of water, and since we drank all our water on the hike, Mark went to pump us some filtered water using his hand pump water filter. The water from the mountains are pretty clear, and most likely came from melting glacier, but they may also carry bacteria, so the water filter gave us a good guarantee that we won’t be going back to work with upset stomachs.


While Mark is getting us drinkable water, I chopped up some shallots.


The shallots are added to my pot on medium heat with a little oil


Give the shallot a few stirs and cook until slightly browned.


Add chopped chorizo, crumbled dried mushroom, and orzo to the pot, stirring and cook for a few minutes.


Watch the orzo as the butane burner does not have great temperature control, and things might burn if you are not careful.

Add water by 1/2 cup full, and cook, while stirring, over medium low heat. The orzo will plump up along with the dried mushrooms. The flavor of the chorizo and mushrooms will be released slowly with each addition of water, and be cooked into the orzo.


I added approximately 4 cups of water total, and it took about 30 minutes for the orzo to get to a creamy and plump texture.


Add in the Parmesan cheese, and stir well. The Parmesan cheese will make the risotto extra creamy and flavorful.


Add salt and pepper to taste, and you got a delicious pot of gourmet risotto.


The risotto was so good that I will definitely make it again when we get home, and Mark approved of the dish as well.


Orzo Risotto with dried Mushroom and Country Ham