What’s wrong with the picture? In my efforts to cook and document the steps at the same time, my oil smeared fingers accidentally grazed the camera on my iPhone. Why was I using my iPhone to document, because my normal camera started breaking down during the trip. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch on to the smear until this meal was cooked and eaten, so all the photos in this post have an “artistic” quality to them. If you squint one eye, you can almost restore the photos to its original light… 🙂

This was our first morning at Glacier National Park. We hiked almost 7 miles uphill the previous day to get to the Sperry camp site, and we were dead tired. It’s times like these when I feel a good meal can be almost therapeutical. I made smoked salmon egg scramble with some dill griddle cakes.


Before going on the trip, I measured out and premixed the dry ingredients needed for the griddle cakes, and kept them in little resealable plastic bags. The cake mix is a combination of flour, dry milk powder, and sugar. I poured the batter mix into a plastic container and mixed in a little oil , dried dill, and some water to moisten.


I spooned a few tablespoonful of batter into the non stick pan on medium heat.


After a couple of minutes, the cakes are flipped and cooked for another few minutes.


The cakes are removed from the pan and kept warm in a plate. Repeat with the ready of the batter until you are done.

Finely chop some shallots and sauté them in the same pan with a little oil on medium heat.


In the same bowl used for the batter, crack a few eggs in, lightly whisk with a fork, then break in pieces of the canned smoked salmon.


When the shallots are fragrant, pour in the egg and salmon.


Stir the mixture from time to time, until it starts to come together.


After about 5 more minutes, when the eggs are no longer runny, they are ready to be served with the dill griddle cakes, and hot sauce.



It was a great breakfast to start the day with, especially with more hiking planned for the day. We also had a visitor share the beautiful view with us during breakfast.


Smoked Salmon Scramble With Dill Griddle Cakes