Lobsters are such an amazing ingredient. You can boil it, cut it up and put the pieces of meat in a salad or pasta, boil the shell down to extract favors for seafood broth and sauces, and you can grill them.
In fact one of my favorite things to do is to grill lobsters, and if I can’t grill them due to the weather, I would roast them in an oven.

Grilling lobsters isn’t as complicated as it would seem. You can split the lobsters in half live and grill them that way, but if I’m making more than just lobsters, it would mean that I would have to cut them up ahead of time and leave them gaping open until I’m ready to grill while I do other things.

Also if you are a bit squeamish, and don’t want to bother with cutting up a lobster while it’s alive and waving at you there is a much easier and less messy way.

I first boiled the live lobsters in pots for 2 to 3 minutes, then I removed them from the pot and let them cool to room temperature. This way the lobster is killed and much easier to manipulate.


I let the lobsters cool until they can be handled, then I turned them over and got ready to split them.


I used a meat cleaver to split the lobsters since I wanted something heavy that was not going to destroy my nicer knifes. I started from the head area and worked towards the tail. You will need to apply some amount of force but be careful not to cut yourself on the lobster shell either.
Remove the lobster sac and roe. You may want to reserve the roe for other use since it’s the lobster equivalent of lobster. Very high in cholesterol but very very tasty. I separated the claws from the body and cracked them with a hammer.


To make the vinaigrette for the lobster, vinegar, chopped garlic, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, sugar and salt are whisked to combine in a bowl. Olive oil is whisked in, in a slow stream, until emulsified.


Choppeds basil is stirred into the vinaigrette, and set aside until ready to be used.


My charcoal grill was set up on high direct heat, and once the grill is warmed up, the lobsters are placed, cut side down, on the grates.


The lobsters are grilled for about 4 minutes per side, and the vinaigrette drilled on to the lobster around the last minute or so.


These lobsters were so much fun to grill and eat that my boyfriend has requested it for his birthday dinner this weekend again. This time, since I don’t have to work with 6 lobsters, I will actually try splitting them up live so that they are even more tender.


Grilled Lobster with Basil Vinaigrette