If you like chocolate, you are going to love these brownies. White chocolate, milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate are the main ingredients for this recipe. The rest? Butter, sugar, and eggs. I made these also for the impromptu fourth of July party we had since brownies are another very American dessert, and these were a decadent finish to a delicious meal. I only made half the recipe and it was more than enough for a party of eleven.

To make the batter, unsweetened chocolate and butter are melted in a sauce pan over low heat until smooth.


Remove the pan from heat and set aside to let cool for a few minutes.


In a large bowl, sugar, eggs, vanilla and salt and whisked together.


The melted chocolate is streamed into the egg and sugar mixture and whisked to combine.


Add the flour and whisk until incorporated.


It might take a few minutes, but you want to make sure there are no hidden pockets of flour in the batter, so be as thorough as possible when whisking.


The white, milk, and bittersweet chocolates are chopped into small chunks and sprinkled through out the batter so that when you bite into the brownie, you get a combination of pieces of chocolate.


Make sure you mix in the chocolate pieces in well so everyone gets a little of all three types.


The batter is poured into a 9x13x2 inch baking pan lined with a sheet of parchment.


To make the pretty pattern on the brownies, drizzle spoonful of white, milk, and bittersweet chocolate on the surface of the batter. Make sure you drizzle a little of each type everywhere.


The result is this Jackson Pollock-esque unbanked pan of brownie batter. I almost wanted to leave the brownie as is at this point, but I finished decorating the batter per the recipe. I took a knife and started to make swirly patterns throughout the surface of the batter.


The batter is baked in a 300 degree oven for 35 minutes.


The brownies should be puffed and shiny when it’s done. Remove from oven and let cool to room temperature before cutting.


These brownies can be made a day in advance, and there will be no leftovers.

Quadruple Chocolate Brownies