As an appetizer to my paella dish, I made an easy and fast wine braised chorizo tapas. Chorizo comes in Mexican and Spanish varieties. The Mexican style uses fresh pork and some times is sold in loose bulk, without their casings. The Spanish variety is cured and dried and is the one that should be used in this recipe.

Chorizo pieces are cooked in 1/2 inch rounds. Most Spanish dried chorizo is about 1 inch in circumference, but the one I used is slightly thicker. In some ways the skinnier chorizo are better because it’s exactly bite sized, whereas when serving, I’d have to cut the thicker chorizo into smaller pieces.

The chorizo is placed in a small pan with a cup of dry white wine and cooked over moderately low heat. Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc should work, as long as it’s not sweet.

The sausage should be cooked slowly until almost all the liquid has evaporated and what’s left of the wine is thick and syrupy.

The chorizo is plated and the wine syrup drizzled over the chorizo pieces. The recipe can be prepared earlier in the day and takes very little effort.