Roy Choi is a Korean American chef who is famous for his Kogi dogs, a korean style hotdog served from his food truck in LA. I’m rarely a fan of food trucks unless it’s 2am and there is nothing open. I always associate spending quality time with the food and the company you are with in a sit down restaurant setting, and the idea of getting food from a truck seems so rushed and impersonal, unless you are going to the food truck everyday, and develop some sort of relationship with your vendor.

That being said, I have had some really awesome food truck grubs before. I had the best falafel sandwich at Food Shark in Marfa Texas, and Austin has a ton of food trailers that you can drive to ( the opposite of food trucks).

I found Roy Choi’s recipe for his Kogi dog and made it one week night for dinner. While it was decent, I think I would probably have thought it was the best thing in the world if I had a few to drink and if it was 2 in the morning.

The recipe is pretty easy and straight forward. The dog is composed of a sesame mayo, stir fried kimchi, shredded cabbage with lime cilantro dressing.

To make the sesame mayo, toasted sesame seeds are crushed in a mortar and stirred into mayo and seasoned with salt and pepper.


To make the cabbage salad, shredded cabbage is tossed with lime juice and scallion, seasoned with salt and pepper, and set aside.

Kimchi is browned in a hot pan with a bit of oil, and set aside.


The hog dog and bun is cooked and toasted on a hot pan until the dog is warmed through and browned through out.


The sesame mayo is spread on both sides of the bun, and the hot dog placed on the bun.


The browned kimchi is topped on the hot dog.


The cabbage slaw is divided amongst the hot dogs, and sprigs of cilantro added to the dog if you like.


The dog is served with a squeeze of Sriracha.


Roy Choi’s Kogi Dog