When I don’t have time to cook a decent dinner, and don’t feel like going out for dinner, I usually do a soup and sandwich dinner with store bought ingredients to save time. I started with a recipe for pasta e fagioli with fresh fava beans. If not in season or not available, you can substitute frozen fava beans, or peas.

To make the soup, some bacon is browned in a pot and the fat rendered.


I saw some fresh duck sausage at the local Central Market and decided to add that to the soup as well. When the bacon was almost done, I added the duck sausage to the pot to brown.


Carrots, onions, rosemary, and garlic are added to the pot and cooked in the bacon fat until soft.


Chicken stock is added to the pot and simmered at low heat until the vegetables are tender.


Meanwhile, 1 cup of tube pasta are cooked according to its package instruction, and drained. The cooked pasta and fava beans are added to the soup, and the soup seasoned to taste.


I made a roasted pepper and hummus sandwich, using store bought roasted red peppers and hummus. What makes this recipe gourmet is the garlic and hot pepper oil that is made by first sautéing sliced garlic in olive oil in a medium pan until fragrant.


Roasted red pepper strips are added to the pan, and cooked for a few minutes until heated through. The peppers are removed from heat and set aside.


To assemble the sandwich, store bought hummus is spread atop half of a baguette, and topped with salami. You can skip the meat if you want to make the sandwich vegetarian.


The roasted red pepper is arranged, along with sliced tomatoes and arugula, on top of the salami, and the hot pepper oil drizzled on top of the sandwich.


Open Faced Roasted Pepper and Hummus Sandwich
Fava Bean Pasta e Fagioli