For the main course of our Tuesday dinner, I chose duck with raspberries. I love duck, but usually I like roasting a whole duck, Peking style. I didn’t have all that time to make Peking duck during a weeknight, I decided to make duck breasts instead. The duck breasts are marinaded in a raspberry based marinade, then pan seared and served on a bed of buttery kohlrabi.

To make the marinade, fresh raspberries are smashed and mixed with finely chopped shallots, olive oil, and red wine.

The duck breasts are scored on the skin side in a grid pattern,


and covered with the raspberry marinade, turning to coat completely.


The breasts are chilled in a pan with skin side up, in the fridge for 30 minutes. While the breasts are chilling, I stared prepping the kohlrabi. I originally wanted to make the recipe with rutabaga, however, in my haste at the grocery store, I accidentally bought kohlrabi, which is a bulb like root related to cabbage and broccoli. I decided to carry on with the same recipe anyways. The kohlrabi is sliced thinly with a knife or mandolin to 1/8 inch thick slices.


Some olive oil and butter are heated on medium high in a sautéing pan, and the kohlrabi added to the pan.


The vegetable is cooked for 10 minutes, until brown spots appear, and seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper. The kohlrabi is transferred to a bowl and kept warm in the oven.


When the duck has finished marinating, the marinade is scraped off the breasts, and the marinade reserved for making the sauce.


The duck breasts are placed, skin side down in a iron skillet heated to high, and seared for 1 minute. There is no need to add oil to the pan, since the duck skin will render enough to cook both sides of the breast.

<img src="https://dinnerwithweijia.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/20120504-145335.jpg" alt="20120504-145335.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

The heat is turned to low after 1 minute, and the breasts will continue to cook skin side down until well browned. The breasts are turned and cooked for 3 more minutes.


The breasts are transferred to a cutting board and let rest for 5 minutes. If you slice the breast without resting, the juice will run out and your duck will be dry.


While the duck is resting, the reserved marinade and more red wine is added to the pan and reduced.


Then the sauce is strained of solids, in to a small sauce pan. Butter is whisked into the sauce, and the sauce is seasoned to taste.


To plate, kohlrabi slices are placed on a plate, topped with duck slices, with the raspberry wine sauce drizzled all over, and garnished with fresh raspberries.


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