While in Marfa Texas, I visited a bookshop and found a copy of Ferran Adria’s Home cooking cookbook. Ferran Adria is the head chef of what is considered as one of the best restaurants in the world: El Bulli. El Bulli was revolutionary in that it was the forerunner for molecular gastronomy, and with only 8,000 available reservations per year and 2 million in demand, it was an exceedingly well renowned 3 Michelin star restaurant. Unfortunately it has not been a profitable business in recent years, and the restaurant has been operating at a loss for a decade or so, and it officially shut down in in 2011.

While the recipes from the restaurant usually involve crazy chemical ingredients, machines, and nitrogen gas, this cook book is a collection of family meal recipes that Adria actual use for feeding his staff. The recipes are presented in menu form, with a starter, a main, and a dessert. The most popular ingredients are fresh vegetables, pastas, and fish. Each recipe also has instructions on how to cook for a party of 2, 20 and 75, which is really handy if you are thinking of dinner parties. Adria encourages readers to mix and match his recipes from different menus. The recipes are presented in a set of 10 or 20 detailed photos, and is very very easy to read and follow.

The menu I decided to to try is a Catalan style turkey leg, saffron risotto, and fresh strawberries and yogurt foam.

For the turkey legs, first, some dried prunes and raisins are soaked in dry sherry.

The turkey legs are seasoned with salt and pepper.

Then the legs are cooked in a medium hot pan until browned on all sides.

Thinly sliced red onions are added to the pan, the heat is lowered, and the onions are cooked until carmelized.

The sherry from soaking the dried fruits are added to the pan to deglaze, scraping up the bits on the bottom, and chopped tomatoes are added to the pan.

The legs are cooked for 30 minutes, uncovered, on low heat, then water and the dried fruits are added to the pan, and the legs are covered and cooked for 1 hour more.

Right before the turkey is ready to be served, I toasted some pine nuts with some oil in a small pan, and sprinkled the turkey legs with them.

Turkey legs are cheap and healthy, and this recipe really uses simple ingredients to bring out the natural flavours of turkey. The addition of prunes and raisins lends a delicate sweetness to the dish, and the toasted pine nuts a crunchy texture.