For the final meat course, I made one of my favourite short rib recipes ever. I rarely repeat a recipe, unless the recipe is really good, and I’ve made these short ribs 3 times in the last 6 months. I came across this recipe when I was looking for a braised short rib filling for my Byggy Beef sandwich, and this is actually the first time I’ve made the short rib for themselves.

The recipe is pretty involved and takes 3 days: first day for marinating the ribs, second day for cooking and resting the meat, the the third day serving. This also means that the significant amount of work can be done ahead of time, which makes this a great dinner party recipe.

Since there were four of us, I bought 4 pieces of short rib, totaling 2.3lbs. Before marinating the ribs, I took time to cut and clean the extra fat and membranes from the top and bottom sides of the ribs. This will help make your ribs less greasy, and cleaner tasting. As you can see, quite a bit of fat was removed from these ribs.

To make the marinade, fresh basil leaves and stems, garlic, and olive oil are processed together into a paste.

The ribs are coated with the marinade in a plastic bag and chilled overnight in the fridge.

Meanwhile I made the short rib seasoning, which is composed of a lot of different spices. I halved the seasoning recipe and ended up with some extra that I will use for BBQing or making BBQ sauce.

The next day, the short ribs are removed from the fridge and the marinade scraped from the ribs, and the marinade is reserved for use later in the recipe.

The ribs are coated with the short rib seasoning on all 4 sides.

The ribs are browned on all 4 sides in a pot over medium high heat in batches.

Chopped onions are then sweated in the pan over low heat until soft, then the heat is turned up until the onions are browned.

When the onions are tender, minced jalapenos and crushed toasted whole cumin seeds are added to the pot along with the reserved marinade.

Chopped tomatoes are added to the pot and cooked until dry.

The wine is added to the pot to deglaze for about 3 minutes, scraping up the bottom browned bits.

Chicken broth and cold coffee (which gives the ribs it’s redeye namesake) are added to the pot along with bay leaves, and the ribs are returned to the pot.

The ribs are braised over low heat for 2 hours, and then taken off heat to cool to room temperature. The ribs should be placed in the fridge for at least 1 day to allow the flavours to develop and the meat to relax.

The next day, a layer of fat and oil would have congealed on the surface of the ribs, and you should scrape this layer of fat off before proceeding with the rest of the recipe.

The pot is reheated over low heat, and the ribs are removed from the pot and set aside. The sauce in the pot is reduced until thick. I also pureed the sauce just to break up the big bits. Tomato paste and red wine vinegar is added to the sauce to finish, and the meat is returned to the pot about 10 minutes before you are ready to serve, over low heat.

To make the polenta, a mixture of heavy cream, chicken stock, butter, and fresh garlic is brought to a boil, and corn grits added to the pot.

The polenta is whisked constantly, until the mixture thickens. I also tasted the polenta often to test it’s tenderness.

The polenta is spooned over a plate, and a short rib is placed in the center which extra sauce on the sides. I served the short ribs with vinegar based hot sauce.

Braised short ribs with redeye gravy:
Quick, soft, sexy grits: