When I was doing early planning for this dinner party, I came across some fresh figs at central market, and became very excited about it, since fresh figs are only in season about 2 or 3 times a year. I initially thought about doing an appetizer with it, but I found a Daniel Boulud recipe of a stuffed quail with Fresh Figs. I was flip flopping between duck or quail for my poultry dish, and this recipe sealed the deal for quail.

The figs are wrapped with proscuitto and seasoned with salt and pepper.

I bought quail at central market, and they come in a packet of four with all cavity bones removed except for the thigh/drumstick bones and the wing bones. These are the type of quail you want to buy if you have access to it. If you get quail with cavity bones in tact, you can still cook it the same way, but it will be a little harder to eat.

The quails are washed and patted dry, and the cavity is seasoned with salt and pepper. The proscuitto wrapped figs are stuffed in the cavity of the quails.

The quails are seasoned with salt and pepper on both sides. I made the quail up to this point a few hours before the dinner party and kept them covered with plastic wrap in the fridge.

About 15 minutes before you are ready to serve the quail, some oil is heated on moderate high heat in a pan, and the quails are seared on all sides until browned, which takes about 4-5 minutes.

Once the quail is browned, the pan is placed in a 475F oven and roasted for 10 minutes.

The quail is removed from the pan and placed on a plate to rest while the sauce is being made.

The pan is placed over medium heat and deglazed with white wine, scraping up the browned quail bits on the bottom.

Butter is whisked into the pan, and the sauce is spooned over the quail.

The quails were perfectly cooked when we cut into them, and the figs lent a nice subtle sweetness to contrast the savory proscuitto and the gaminess of the quail.

Quail Stuffed with Fresh Figs and Proscuitto: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/quail-stuffed-with-fresh-figs-and-prosciutto