Using leftovers as an ingredient is something I’ve been trying a lot. Oftentimes, food improves overnight because time allows the flavours to blend and meld more. I make pasta and tomato sauce quite often, but I never really thought about using leftover pasta as an ingredient in anything before. When I decided to make breakfast Sunday morning, I looked in my fridge and found that I had some leftover Strozzapreti pasta in vodka sauce that I had cooked during the week. After a quick search online, I found a breakfast frittata recipe that used leftover pasta (spaghetti in the recipe) and white mushrooms (I substituted Shiitake). I also just happened to have all the other ingredients that the recipe called for (proscuitto, parmesan, eggs), so I went to work.

First, onions and sliced shiitake are sauteed in a pan with some olive oil and garlic until soft.

The shiitake and onions are mixed in with the leftover pasta, cream, shiitake, sliced proscuitto, and eggs.

The recipe called for 8 eggs, but I only had 5; however I did not feel like it affected my frittata.

The mixture is poured into a well oiled, ovenproof pan and cooked at medium heat until the frittata is starting to set around the edges.

The pan is transferred to a 350F oven, and baked for 30 minutes until the eggs are completely set.

I was able to easily slide my frittata from the pan on to a plate, but you can follow the recipe’s instruction to invert it on to a plate.

Pasta Frittata with Mushrooms Recipe: