As apart of the dinner party for my BF’s work friends, I had to find a vegan dessert to make. I found this vegan key-lime mousse tart at the same recipe archive that I found the vegan lasagna from Pure Food and Wine recipe.

The tart is made with completely raw and unprocessed ingredients. The sugar is replaced with packets of Stevia, which next time, I think I will substitute with real sugar. I’m just not a fan of the fake sugar taste, and if I substitute agave nectar or maple syrup, the consistency of the crust will be off.

To make the crust for the tart, dried coconuts, chilled macadamia nuts, lime juice and zest, agave nectar, and packets of Stevia are processed together. The mixture is placed in a freezer to chill, and when ready to use, the mixture is pressed on the bottom of little molds. You can use a whole 9 inch removable bottom pan, but I wanted to make little tart-lets, so I used little french pastry molds.

The molds are placed into the freezer until the crust hardens. I lined the molds with plastic wrap so I can remove the crust easier.

To make the mousse filling, fresh avocados, vanilla bean seeds, lime zest, and coconut butter are processed together. Stevia added to taste. The Avocados and the coconut butter lend richness to the mousse that simulates heavy whipping cream and butter.

The mousse is spooned into the macadamia crust, and placed into the freezer until set.

I topped each of the tarts with a thin round of key lime for decoration.

Vegan Key Lime Mousse Tart from Pure Food and Wine: