This is my attempt in making “trendy” food. Coming up with new recipes is not my strength. I like having the safe guard of a set of instructions to follow when I’m doing something that I’m not familiar with. However, once I’m fully comfortable with something, I do like to experiment. My boyfriend suggested that I make Nachos for dinner, but putting my spin to it. I thought about the composition of a Nacho: some protein, some veggies, some sort of mashed legumes, tied together with a crunchy shell. For whatever reason, the thought of doing different ethnic style nachos came into my head. I thought how pitas are very much like tortillas, and how hummus is a lot like refried beans. I wanted to do a Gyro Nacho with ground lamb.

A few weeks ago, I made these lamb meatballs for a pizza, so I repeated the recipe. I also made a relish of onions, cucumber, tomatoes and Italian parsley.

I baked some pita bread until they became crispy, spread some store-bought hummus on the pita, topped it off with some relish and lamb meatball. I also put a little dollop of store-bought Tzatziki sauce on top of the lamb meatball.

It makes for a great little appetizer.

I also thought that it might be fun to try to do an Asian themed Nachos, so I bought some sushi grade salmon, and decided to make Salmon Sushi “Nachos”.

For the little carrier, I baked up some store-bought wonton skins in muffin pans.

I also sprayed both sides of the wonton skin with oil spray before tucking them in the muffin pans. It doesn’t take long for the shells to brown, so watch these carefully.

I first layered some cut up Nori in these little cups, then spread some prepared sushi rice on top of the Nori.

Then I cut up the salmon into 1/4 inch dice, and spooned them on top of the rice. I finished these off by sprinkling a little bit of toasted sesame seeds and pickled Thai Chilies to give it some heat.

I would definitely serve these at my next dinner party as appetizers.