Here we are, at the last course of our beer tasting journey… And boy was it a journey.  By now, your guests should be pleasantly wobbly,  and you, as the Maitre D’ from Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life, says “And Finally, monsieur, a wafer-thin Mint”.


Your guests may feel like Mr.Creosote, but the Chimay Grande Reserve (Blue) from Belgium is probably the finest beer of the entire tasting, and not one to be missed.  Chimay Blue is a strong beer at 9%, with stone fruit and chocolate/caramel sweetness.  It’s a very creamy and smooth beer, and recognized as the best beer in the world by many.

I paired Chimay Blue with a sticky toffee pudding style cake, made with pureed dates, toasted walnuts, and toffee sauce which is traditionally made from brown sugar, heavy cream, and butter.

You can bake this cake as a whole and cut into bite size pieces for your guests, or baked them into mini cup cakes. Since your guests are most likely stuffed by this time of the beer tasting, they only need a bite of the cake to enhance the fruity and caramel flavours from the beer.

Nutty Toffee-Cake Recipe :

Chimay Blue from Beer advocate: