I love to cook, and I cook a lot at home. I cook a wide variety of food and I tend to cook new recipes each time. I’m starting this blog as a food diary of all the dishes I’ve made, but also share my experience with other cooks, and people who like to eat but think cooking is challenging.

Many people view cooking as a chore, others get frustrated and flustered by recipes. With all the recipes available online, it’s hard to know what’s a good recipe, and if what you cook will end up looking like the magazine photo. With this blog, I want to show people that with proper planning and good organizational skills, cooking isn’t nearly as intimidating as it may seem. Cooking may not be for everyone, but this blog will be my ode to cooking.

I started to really get into cooking around 2006, and it’s one of my favourite hobbies. For me, I love every part of the cooking process: the menu planning, grocery buying, figuring out the cooking order, chopping, dicing, waiting for the water to boil, even dish washing (which I usually do by hand, because taking good care of your dishes and pots is like oiling and sharpening your sword after battle, you will be better prepared for next time). But the thing I love most about cooking is the social aspect of it.  Cooking a wonderful meal is only half as fun as having some one, or a party to share it with. Food brings people together, and a good meal usually puts people in good mood (and even better with alcohol).

I initially started cooking for myself, but once I started to invite my friends over, I realized that the more mouths to feed, the more dishes I can cook. Eventually I got to cook a 6 course tasting menu for a beer tasting party that my boyfriend was hosting for 32 people. It was a lot of work but it also was one of the best cooking experiences that I’ve had.

Every time I cook, I always learn something new, and I never get tired of cooking. I also travel quite often for work and vacation overseas, so my cooking is always inspired by the most recent place I’ve been.

Hope you enjoy my blog!