For the second course, we wanted to showcase the Belgium beer, Leffe Blonde, which is actually one of my boyfriends all time favourite beers. I actually had this beer for the first time on our first date!

The Leffe is a good beer for all seasons. It’s one of those beers with a fluffy white head which should be poured using one of those fancy  “Chalices”  if you don’t want it to foam over. It is a little heavier than the Weihenstephaner, but with similar flavor profiles (citrus, cloves).  I decided to pair it with a seafood dish with a creamy mushroom sauce.  The scallops are cooked in a wine sauce first, then mixed with mushrooms, and finally topped with Parmigiano- RRRRRrreggiano,  and finished off in the oven.

Scallops with Mushrooms in White-Wine Sauce:

Leffe Blonde on Beer Advocate: